NO MORE HEROES 『ノーモア★ヒーローズ』

Your shining armor and fine words won't get you anywhere!

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Fan community for the Wii game by Grasshopper Manufacture (developers of Killer7)
These games can be construed as having 'naughty bits'. By reading and posting to this community, you agree you're old enough to deal with it.

Please put spoilers for the games under LJ-cuts for the benefit of the unenlightened and the poor suckers outside America who still haven't got a release date (ahem...). This is essential for No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, but it'd be nice if you do it for the first game too.

You can post about whatever you like, so long as it's at least vaguely relevant to No More Heroes. This means that you can post similar video games or other things Suda51 is working on, but not your donation pledge to buy your sick puppy a cardigan, capiche? If in doubt, just ask me.

Fan-created work (cosplays and icons and essays and fanart and fanfic and all that good stuff) is welcome and always encouraged! If you're posting anything made by other people and not yourself, please provide credit to them and a link to where you found it whenever possible. Posts filled with uncredited fanart, etc. will be deleted.

If you're posting something with adult content (ultra-violence or sexytimes) please use warnings as appropriate. Quoting the last lot of rules, YES THE PORN IS ALLOWED, THE GAY IS ALLOWED TOO, but put that sucker under a LJ-cut.

Don't be a dweebenheimer. That said, while I'll outright ban obvious trolls and dickwads, I'll always try to contact people if they're breaking the above in a non-tough-internet-guy manner before banning them or deleting posts. If you need to discuss anything with me, please feel free to send me (braveorstupid) a message. I'm on a weird time zone but I check these regularly.

Let the bloodshed begin!

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